“In America, everything goes and nothing matters,

while in Europe nothing goes and everything matters.”

– Phillip Roth

Explore Europe…

In grade 11, I went on an art history trip with my high school to Greece and Italy. We carried sketchbooks with us where ever we went, and were told to sketch what we saw. Landscape, architecture, unique details, each other, whatever it was that inspired us, we drew it. Thinking back now, I have come to believe there was a motive beyond fulfilling the art aspect of the trip. It forced us to slow down and really see what was in front of us. As forty odd 16 year olds running around one the most inspiring continents on earth, it would have been so easy for us to miss what was in front of us.

Fast foward 3 years, and I had returned to Europe to backpack at the age of 19. I packed in my bag the same sketchbook. I revisited sites I had seen before, and explored new corners. Sketching, collecting momentous, and documenting Europe through my young eyes. Looking back through these two sketchbooks, I can feel the moments captured on these pages spring to life in the deep corners of my memories. From winding cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, lush gardens, and intoxicating culture. Europe is a mainstay in travel itineraries for explorers from all corners of the world. This is the place to slow down, sit and stare.

While Europe has fallen on the travel back burner in favour of more challenging destinations. I will be returning for the first time in 10 years in 2018 to explore some new territory.


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“If adventures do not befall a lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”Jane Austen

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